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FMCOMMS3 with Zynq-ZC702

Question asked by vittal92 on Jan 22, 2016
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I am working on FMCOMMS3 with Zynq-zc702.
I am trying to integrate a custom module with the reference design.


I have already implemented the TX side of it. I have a custom IP (a modulation scheme) and the outputs of the same drive the I and Q channels in the AD9361 module (ad9361.v -- dac_data_i0, dac_data_i1..).
I am being able to see the transmitted signal using the Digital loopback on the IIO scope. Also, I stored the received data (Post ADC) by using the iio_readdev tool.
Now, I would like to send this data to a custom receiver IP (for demodulation).
Would driving the custom module from the adc I and Q ports via FIFO be the right way of doing it?
That is , adc_data_i0 --> FIFO --> I input of the custom receiver IP.


Any help would be really appreciated


Thank you