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ADV7842 HPA pin question

Question asked by roadrunner Employee on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by GuenterL


I am working on our new board that uses analog devices ADV7842 HDMI receiver. I have a question on HPA signal from ADV7842 in manual mode the registers are set to use the HPA in manual mode and I can write register to set the HPA to hi or low and can verify from register read that write was successful but the HPA pin does not toggle.


HDMI Map address 0x69 set to 0xA3
IO Map address 0x20[0] set to "0", 0x20[1] set to "0", 0x20[4] set to "1" and 0x20[5] set to "1"


I can read back IO Map address 0x21 and it reflects the setting in address 0x20.
This all looks correct to me, what am Imissing?