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Question asked by Constantine on Jan 22, 2016
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I'd like to launch FMCOMMS5 board on VC707 board, but found that there is no RTL project. So I've generated VC707_fmcomms2 project and lookes and BD.


May I just fix BD tcl sript but adding strings like

ad_connect  axi_ad9361_0/adc_valid_q1   adc_wfifo/din_valid_3

ad_connect  axi_ad9361_0/adc_data_q1    adc_wfifo/din_data_3

ad_connect  axi_ad9361_1/adc_enable_i0  adc_wfifo/din_enable_4

ad_connect  axi_ad9361_1/adc_valid_i0   adc_wfifo/din_valid_4

ad_connect  axi_ad9361_1/adc_data_i0    adc_wfifo/din_data_4

ad_connect  axi_ad9361_1/adc_enable_q0  adc_wfifo/din_enable_5


to extend

- Add second  AD9361 core

- Extend ADC and DAC buses to 128

- Extend utilpack data buses

- fix UCF. Here is the main problem. May there is somewhere constraints list, because now I can see only one way - write it manualy, which seems to be not Ok.


Is it all?