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Non-Standard analog RGB setting for ADV7181D

Question asked by Keiichi.Okuji Employee on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2016 by XavE

Hello, I am trying to setup ADV7181D to receive non-standard analog RGB signal from PC. The input signal is full WVGA (854x4 80@60Hz) and no VID_STD for this signal about ADV7181D. Now I have seen the picture with PLL divider setting but can not fond out the register to setup the DE length and position like  DE_H_START[9:0] and DE_H_END[9:0] DE_V_START[3:0] and DE_V_END[3:0] CP_START_VBI[11:0] and CP_END_VBI[11:0] where can be find in ADV7844. Does ADV7181D have these register (or similar functionality) ? Keiichi Okuji @ ADKK