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Advice about chip

Question asked by tntsei@ on Jan 21, 2016
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Hi everybody!!!


I need some advice about one question!

I have a microcontroller that enable some digital output. This pin enable some MOSFET. The problem that i have it's that the output of my MCU are too few for my pourpose. For this reason i decided to introduce a system with a bus.


The MCU enable the output, that are coding by a chip. This chip enable some latch jk that are directly connected with the Mosfet.


I need to introduce the latch jk beacuase they are retentive, and if the input goes to 0, the output state it's always the previously.


I have attached a drawing brutal to try to figure out what i want to do.


I want to know if exist some analog devices chip that perform what i want to do.


Thank you!!!