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Problem using FB5 gain path via serial interface in ADA4350.

Question asked by zhenya4880 on Jan 21, 2016
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I use ADA4350 via serial interface. It works great, but I  can't set FB5 gain path by sending command 00 08 40 from Table 15 from data-sheet(Rev. A).

First of all, I think there is mistake in Table 15, since Table 14 says that bits 5 and 11 must be set to close S5 and S11 switches(FB5 gain path). I believe the command should really be 00 08 20, not 00 08 40.

But both commands don't work. It seems like all switches are closed regardless of the former or the latter command being issued.

Is there a typo in data-sheet and what command do I need to control FB5 gain path?