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How to make the motor spin with the help of the reference design?

Question asked by qxj on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by ACozma

Hello everyone!

I'm now using the Zynq Intelligent Drives Kit II (ZIDK-II).


I'v gone through the Getting Started Guide of this kit, which was attached below. According to this guide, with the ZIDK-II hardware connected, I could run the motor successfully, although I've not exported any bitstream into the Zedboard. I am wonderring why this motor could be ran without any bitstream in the Zedboard?


In addition, I want to know how to make the motor spin with the help of the FMCMOTCON2 reference design (version: hdl_2015_r1)? After the bitstream was generated without making any changes to the reference design, what should I do in the next step? I can't find any detailed information about it.


Link to the Getting Started Guide: