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how to avoid the switching transients genertated by ADG1206 multiplexer

Question asked by Achudhan on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by KRZ

iam using ADG1206 multiplexer in my design which routes the analog signal to the ADC based on the address selection.

AD588 reference output is also given as one input to the multiplexer for monitoring through ADC.

it is found that whenever the multiplexer samples or switches to route the reference output to ADC through the multiplexer a spike is getting generated at the input of the multiplexer.


I tried to isolate the reference output  which is connected to the multiplexer thro a voltage follower.

By doing that the spike is seen at the output of the voltage follower which infers that the spike is being generated by the switching transients of the multiplexer.


When i disconnect the multiplexer input from the input circuitry and monitor the disconnected multiplexer input on a oscilloscope , a switching noise spikes of positive and negative voltage levels is seen.

How to avoid the switching transients during the switching of this multiplexer.

kindly suggest