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ZED+ADFMCCOM3 with Matlab

Question asked by Mingming Employee on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by rgetz

Dear support team,

I am working with a customer to buid a demostration system with ZED+ADFMCCOM3.

Now we can use IIO-OSC to get the data and do the confiuration. We can also save the receievr data and transmit any data with IIO to RF port.  It is a great job for your for all the development.


Now we want to move forward to use matlab for data sending and receiving. So finally, we can move to LTE demostration.


When I use MATLAB 2014b with the code which download in Github, and run ad9361_matlab,  i find below error.


Error in ad9361_matlab (line 14)

input = cell(1, s.in_ch_no + length(s.iio_dev_cfg.cfg_ch));


I have make sure use the right IP adress and move all teh related .m file like IIO_SYS_OBJ_MATLAB to the same root.


When i check with  IIO_SYS_OBJ_MATLAB.m, it is seems that we can't get a clear defination of iio_dev_cfg.


Please help for this.


Thanks a lot!