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HDMI Display from "data"

Question asked by dewitpj on Jan 20, 2016
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I am working on a solution that requires a HDMI output that is generated from "data'.


Let me explain a bit more. "Back in the good old days" if you wanted to display something on a PC screen, you could access the display memory directly and simply dump the data into the memory directly. You had to wait for VSYNC otherwise you ended up with tearing etc but it was all doable.


I would like to do the same, but instead outputting it to HDMI. Imaging I have a codec that no-one has heard of/done etc. I have a stream of data that I can output to "somewhere" (I am guessing this will be a bank of memory of some sorts) I then need to get this data to a TV, preferable using HDCP.


What chip would I need to achieve this ?


(Any other hnts/pointers is most welcome)