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AD7156 Eval Board Conversion Error?

Question asked by talha on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by rcalam

My AD7156 Eval Board worked fine for sometime wit the demo setup but now it gives be the below issue whenever I hit Start Acquisition:


Please check:
The part is in continuous conversion mode
There is at least one channel enabled
The I2C interface connection is correct
The part power supply is correct

Error Details:
Waiting for ADxxxx RDY status failed
Timeout Elapsed"

I checked the connections, the computer does recognize the board and when I click run, the run led on the board lights up but then I get the error.
I noticed that when I press Demo Setup inside the SETUP section, the program changes some values, but when I click ok on the dialog box that pops up confirming the demo setup, everything goes back to FF setting...

Thanks for helping