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about ADV7125 power supply filter circuit

Question asked by WilliamLian Employee on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by edo

a customer use the ADV7125, but some concern about teh VAA filter capacitor, by ADV7125 datasheet, teh VAA filter with 1uF and 3 100nF capacitor,  customer measure the ripple at the  VAA pin as below, amplitude is about 44mv.

the noise plot as below



to optimize the ripple performance, customer chage the 1uF(1pcs)+100nF(3pcs) to 10uF (1pcs)+1uF(1pcs)+100nF (2pcs),  power ripply at the VAA pin reduce to 16.6mv ( refer to below plot)


the noise with new capacitor



seemed the performance of power supply  have been optimized,  considering it's not same as datasheet specified, customer want ADI help to confirm whether the new capacitor is  with potential risk to ADV71125 operation?