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AD9554 eval board in "freerun" mode

Question asked by Hanoch on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Hanoch

Hey there,


I am bringing up a setup with the AD9554 eval board using a referenceA with 125MHz and system clock of 25MHz but the GUI states my reference is not valid and the PLL is in freerun (see below). I did verify the Reference (single-ended) with Vp-p=1.3v Vmax=680mV and Vmin=630mV




the status below shows that RefA is not valid



My questions are:


1. Is the frequency I configured (125MHz) a valid config?

2. Are the voltage level defined above valid?

3. If the frequency/voltage level all valid then what could be the issue that the refA is invalid and the PLL is in "freerun"?


Please let me know.