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Ad9361 Linux Driver

Question asked by mukeshkumar on Jan 19, 2016
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I am using Ad9361 (Arradio) along with Altera Sockit. I am configuring AD9361 chip through Linux driver. I have build the linux driver from the instructions given on your webiste ( . I was successful to boot the kernel 4.0 and I have also attached a copy of my boot process.


Now i would like to know that how can i transmit some random data. I know how how to configure the Ad9361 board as i have found the instructions on this website ( .


I also do not want to use the GUI to send the data. I would like to send any random data or test data through the Linux command shell. So could you please tell me any shell commands to send the data and what should be the data format?


I have also programmed the fpga with hdl_2015_master.