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ADV7623 question

Question asked by roadrunner Employee on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by mattp


It seems we’ve made a lot of progress on the ADV7623 eval board which is
terrific.    We have a more specific question which is at the heart of what
we’re trying to do.   I’ll try to word it carefully below.


Our application involves extracting audio from the HDMI source, which the
ADV7623 does very well.   Thus we need to be sure the link to the source is
negotiated with audio on the link so we can extract it, again this all works
great.   On the sink side, we must interface to a DVI interface that does not
support audio.   Therefore we need the ADV7623 to provide a HDMI output with
video only (no audio packets).


Our question is:   We see that we can extract audio and insert audio, no
problem.   However can we provide an output link with no audio while the input
link does indeed provide audio for us to extract?