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Changing PGA registers during operation

Question asked by emir on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by hmani

I'm using the ADE7953 and would like to change the PGA registers for Current and Voltage according the input values to allow wide dynamic range, i.e. working from very low currents/voltage up to very high ones.

This works like AutoRange of a DVM. If the value is higher or lower than one of the predefined ranges, I change the PGA so in low values I can get high resolution and in high values I can read very large values.

I divide the registers value by the gain and then use factors to get the real measurement.

It works good but I get large errors in the first reading of RMS values after the PGA change as the gain changed and the accumulated values until the next read have both values before and after the gain change.

Any idea how to detect the error or better avoid it?