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ADM3260 VISO Voltage Truth Table

Question asked by Crujo on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by MSCantrell

Table 15, VISO Voltage Truth Table, in the ADM3260 datasheet is confusing to me. From what I understand, digital power and DC-DC power are separate, and VSEL is used to select one of the 4 possible DC-DC configurations. So why is the first column named "VDDP" rather than "VIN"? That would make the "not recommended" configuration consistent with the relevant note in the "Functional Description" section.


That said, in my design I have the following power configuration and I'd like to know if it's valid:


Primary side

  • VDDP = 3.3V
  • VIN = 5V


Secondary side (isolated)

  • VDDISO = 5V
  • VISO = 5V


Thanks very much!