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AD9523-1 (FMCDAQ2_EBZ evaluation board)

Question asked by iankim on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by CsomI

Hi all


I have some question based on FMCDAQ2_EBZ board (including AD9523-1 on the board)


1. First question

I have used reference design for this board.

The reference design project uses SDK to write register through SPI port


What if I want to write register with SPI in hardware

I am trying to write register value when I turn on the power.


Then, initialize AD9523-1 to generate some clock for ADC & DAC.


I checked the SPI port (sclk , SDIO, chip enable) with scope.

The writing process of (Sclk, SDIO, !CE) seems to work properly.

However, I can't get any clock in any channel.

(I was able to get the clock that I expect)


If Sclk, SDIO , !CE doesn't have any problem (correct register value),

what kind of set up process do I have to look up?

Anyone has example set up file? for AD9523-1?




2. Second question

I found the tools ( ADSIMCLK)

it seems like I can abstract the register value.

However, the button "program chip" is not activated.

Can I use this program to abstract register value for initializing (setting divider for output clock)?


When I look at the "help", it said that


1.On the Tools menu,  check that the Program Chip menu item is enabled.  If it isn't,  check with the evaluation board software that it supports the direct link to ADIsimCLK for this chip.  Make sure that the evaluation board software has been manually run once as the current user,  in order to set up the registry link.

Can I use this software for this board?

if so, where can I find it?



Also, when I looked at the data sheet, pg 40 & 41)

it mentioned about evaluation software generated setup file (.st)

It seems like this part is related with PLL2 setup process register setting.

Do you think I can use it for AD9523-1 on FMCDAQ2_EBZ ?

then, Where can I find this SW?



3. third question

There is OSC on the board (VCC6 -> it generates 125MHz)

Do you think I can get the clock with none-integer ratio clock? such as 204.xxMHz?


If this board can be synchronized with other external clock source, i am sure that it can be.

However, I am not sure this board (FMCDAQ2_EBZ) can be synchronized or not.

if so, I would like to know how it can be synchronized.


So, can someone confirm this?




if you need more information on this discussion, please let me know.

I appreciate any comment & help.