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how to set AD9102 Configuration Register Values to make continuous sawtooth?

Question asked by on Jan 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by larrywelchusa

i cannot find the relation between the clock input and the frequency of continuous triangle. As i wanna use 9102 to make continuous triangle,which register is used to set the frequency of triangle? Or which factors would change the frequency?(0027[2:0]=1)

And I have some confusion for the pattern period. When i change 0029[15:0] from 0x1 to 0xFFFF,the triangle has no change.Only 0028[7:4] and  dac gain can affect the waveform of triangle. Any  help would be appreciated.

Here is my resister.(clock=55Mhz)

0000h: 0000h,0001h: 0E07h,0002h: 0700h,0003h: 0000h,0004h: 0000h,0005h: 0000h,0006h: 0000h,0007h: 0000h,
0008h: 0000h,0009h: 1F00h,000Ah: 1F00h,000Bh: 1F00h,000Ch: 1F00h,000Dh: 0000h,000Eh: 0000h,000Fh: 0000h,
0010h: 0000h,0011h: 0000h,0012h: 0000h,0013h: 0000h,0014h: 0000h,0015h: 0000h,0016h: 0000h,0017h: 0000h,
0018h: 0000h,0019h: 0000h,001Ah: 0000h,001Bh: 0000h,001Ch: 0000h,001Dh: 0000h,001Eh: 0000h,001Fh: 0001h,
0020h: 0001h,0021h: 0000h,0022h: 0000h,0023h: 0000h,0024h: 0000h,0025h: 0000h,0026h: 0000h,0027h: 3211h,
0028h: 0123h,0029h: 0001h,002Ah: 0000h,002Bh: 0101h,002Ch: 0003h,002Dh: 0000h,002Eh: 0000h,002Fh: 0000h,
0030h: 0000h,0031h: 0000h,0032h: 0000h,0033h: 0000h,0034h: 0000h,0035h: 4000h,0036h: 0000h,0037h: 0602h,
0038h: 0000h,0039h: 0000h,003Ah: 0000h,003Bh: 0000h,003Ch: 0000h,003Dh: 0000h,003Eh: 53C8h,003Fh: 2700h,
0040h: 0000h,0041h: 0000h,0042h: 0000h,0043h: 0000h,0044h: 0002h,0045h: 0000h,0046h: 0000h,0047h: 0000h,
0048h: 0000h,0049h: 0000h,004Ah: 0000h,004Bh: 0000h,004Ch: 0000h,004Dh: 0000h,004Eh: 0000h,004Fh: 0000h,
0050h: 0000h,0051h: 0000h,0052h: 0000h,0053h: 0000h,0054h: 0000h,0055h: 0000h,0056h: 0000h,0057h: 0000h,
0058h: 0000h,0059h: 0000h,005Ah: 0000h,005Bh: 0000h,005Ch: 0000h,005Dh: 5660h,005Eh: FFF0h,005Fh: 16FFh,
0060h: 0034h,0061h: 0000h,0062h: 0000h,0063h: 0000h,0064h: 0000h,0065h: 0000h,0066h: 0000h,0067h: 0000h,
0068h: 0000h,0069h: 0000h,006Ah: 0000h,006Bh: 0000h,006Ch: 0000h,006Dh: 0000h,006Eh: 0000h,006Fh: 0000h,
0070h: 0000h,0071h: 0000h,0072h: 0000h,0073h: 0000h,0074h: 0000h,0075h: 0000h,0076h: 0000h,0077h: 0000h,
0078h: 0000h,0079h: 0000h,007Ah: 0000h,007Bh: 0000h,007Ch: 0000h,007Dh: 0000h,007Eh: 0000h,007Fh: 0000h,