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Can FMCOMMS6 acquire a 210 MHz wide Signal?

Question asked by SDR on Jan 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by charlyelkhoury

Hi All,

The short spec sheet of FMCOMMS6 states: The overall circuit has a bandwidth of 220MHz.

We have 2 OQPSK modulated 80 MHz wide signals(actually the 3db bandwidth is 54 MHz):

One centered at 655 MHz and the other at 785 MHz. The total desired spectrum is 210 MHz wide.

We plan to seperate and demodulate the two signals using DDC's in FPGA.

However, we suspect this approach may not work as the AD9652 has a max sampling rate of 310MSPS and we can only acquire/demodulate one of the desired signals.

What are your thougths? If this is not a viable solution which development board should we use?

Thanks in advance.