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AD9122 adl5375 output signal issue

Question asked by ahmet783 on Jan 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by THA

Hi everyone


we have ad9122+adl5375 eval board and we have used this board with ML-605 carrier eval board. Anyway when we run ad9122 and adl5375 then in spectrum we see carrier signal(marker 1) up converter side of data signal (marker 3) and downconvert side (marker 2). we want to up convert signal and remove carrier and dowconvert signal from the spectrum . How we remove those unwanted signal from spectrum




After we bypass half band 2, 3 and set half band 1 to "mode1" we get spectrum graph in below


we removed downconverted side of signal but carrier signal(marker 2) is reduced but still remain....Also there is a harmonic (marker 3) is revealed


How to remove carrier signal and harmoic (marker 3)


Thanks in advance