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Assistance needed with ADALM1000: Windows7

Question asked by Walterev on Jan 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by rgetz

I am a mentor for FIRST Robotics Team 1758 and when I saw the ADALM1000 included in our kit of parts for 2016 I immediately envisioned many discussions we could have about robot controls.  This would be a great tool to explore PWM.

But I am having problems with the installation:

1.  Installed PixelPulse2 v0.87

2.  Connected ADALM1000 to USB, LED on, but no driver installed

3.  Used Zadig_2.1.2 to load WINUSB driver

4.  Opened PixelPulse2, which recognized the device as an ADALM1000

5.. Used Device Manager to start firmware upgrade

6.  LED turns off and PixelPulse2 drops connection

7.  Now the device is not recognized

8.  I tried a manual firmware upgrade with BOSSA, but it does not find an Atmel processor.


I would really like to use this tool and would appreciate any guidance on a path forward.  I don't have the budget to replace it.