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AD9911 FSK Help

Question asked by reedH on Jun 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by @callmechuni

Hi all,


I was asked to get this AD9911 (on an eval board) to produce an FSK  at a freq. of 20MHz. I realize that the P(0,1,2,3) pins on the P2 Header is the means of driving the FSK modulation with  a 20MHz source, but in order to use those headers I have to put the board back on 'manual control'. When I switch to manual control after loading the settings with the evaluation software, the board seems to reset itself. Is there anyway to load the information onto the board using the eval software and then put the signal onto the profile pins? Or is it necessary to program the entire board with just the header if I want this functionality?


Just wanted to make sure before I went through the hassle of programming it manually. Thanks!