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ADXL313 Location of the thresh_act comparator

Question asked by on Jan 14, 2016
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Please check the attached file.


Could you tell me,

Which comparator location is correct 1 or 2, 

that compare with the value in the thresh act register ?



My customer observed the behavior which activate interrupt frequently,

even when ADXL313 output data(acceleration) was not above the value in the  thresh_act register.

(i.e. ADXL313 has not moved and output data was below the value in the  thresh_act register)


It depends on DATA FORMAT(0x31) set up value.

The behavior observed when the 0x31 sets 0x07 or 0x0B.

It is not happen when the 0x31 sets 0x03.


I have checked ADXL313 same as customer setup, but I have not found out.


The customer require to comfirm location of ADXL313 THRESH_ACT comparetor.