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Split Screen Issue observed while capturing PAL M NTSC using ADV7282

Question asked by mandar on Jan 14, 2016
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I am facing split screen issue in the captured video, when my input resolution is PAL M NTSC. (Composite video standard).

I am using ADV7282 video decoder chip, with V4L2 (mxc_v4l2_tvin)  - linux camera driver . Generally the video is coming OK, but in some rare cases when we switch on the camera, the video appears in the split screen. Basically the top part of the video appears at the bottom part of the display and the bottom part of the video appears at the top part of the display.

     To simulate this problem, we switched on the camera and video was appearing properly on the display, Now we just removed the video input (camera video output which is coming as input) coming to our hardware and connected back the video input within a fraction of second/very fast, now the split video screen appears. After removing the video input we give some time and connect the video input, then the video will appear correctly.

I am attaching the ADV7282  Register setting dump value, taken or read  at normal video condition and split screen video condition.

The register values are are starting from address-0x00 to address-0xFF


Also i am attaching the split screen Image.


Please let me know if any clarifications needed for this.



split screen.png@







Thanks in advance,

Mandar Bhat