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terminal resistance of AD5270 in single supply and dual supply operation

Question asked by arunka on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2016 by msamera

hi,i have two doubts

1)     in the datasheet of the AD5270 the resistance terminal voltage is between Vdd and Vss and in the note 7 its mentioned that the there is no limitations on polarity with respect to each other. so what is the relevance of the Dual supply operation?

i want to use the a bipolar 4V rail through the A and W terminals.



2)     in the specs sheet its mentioned the Wiper Resistance is about 35Ohm typical and 70Ohms maximum. Do the wiper resistance will contribute in the other scales otherthan zero scale? or it will be only in the zero scale?

im taking the 20KOhm part and for the least step it will have (20000/1024)=19.5Ohm. Will it have the contribution of wiper resistance ? if yes is that inclusive of the wiper resistance?


also i want to know the figure 26 in the datasheet that for every points of resistance, for the all frequency range the that resistor behaviour is flat is it? i have a frequency of 0-100KHz. from fig. its flat i think, but please confirm it