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How I can get started with Zynq Software Defined Radio?

Question asked by yahiaghazi on Jan 13, 2016
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I have recently bought a AES-ZSDR2-ADI-G evaluation kit supported by AVNET, which integrates AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ with Zedboard. As per their manual, I inserted the 4GB SD card into the zedboard and connected an HDMI cable to display, then I powered up Zedbaord. Here, I got color screen for VGA and two linux logo for HDMI. However, the manual mentioned that after a delay 45 seconds from power-on, the UBUNTU desktop should appear and IIO Oscilloscope  application will launch. Unfortunately, neither the UBUNTU desktop appeared nor IIO oscilloscope launched!!. I could not understand what the reason behind this issue is?. BTW, there is another SD card (labeled by Analog Device Zynq) which has come with the board as well, but I do not know what the purpose of this card is and how I can use it? The manual never mentioned about the use of this SD card.

I'll be thankful if I can get your technical support.