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regarding using txnrx pin in tdd mode

Question asked by rahulram on Jan 13, 2016
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i want to use  txnrx and enable pins to control transmitter and receiver state in tdd mode, i have also cleared

frequency_division_duplex_mode_enable and set the ensm_enable_txnrx_control_enable bits then i use this example code


     #define GPIO_ENABLE_PIN     101

     #define GPIO_TXNRX_PIN        102


     gpio_direction(GPIO_ENABLE_PIN, 1);

     gpio_set_value(GPIO_ENABLE_PIN, 1);


     gpio_direction(GPIO_TXNRX_PIN, 1);

     gpio_set_value(GPIO_TXNRX_PIN, 1);



but this is not working for my reference design, i dont transmit and recieve any signal . pls help me with this . thanks