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No-OS SW Reference design(AD9361) for Zedboard+AD-FMCOMMS2

Question asked by angleIsDancing on Jan 13, 2016
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       I got the No-OS SW reference design from website. in the function adc_capture() of "adc_core.c" file.




adc_dma_read(AXI_DMAC_REG_IRQ_PENDING, &reg_val);
adc_dma_write(AXI_DMAC_REG_IRQ_PENDING, reg_val);



my question is:

     why it reads value from register into reg_val and then immediately write reg_val to register.

is register value  always equal to reg_val before reg_val written back to the register? if yes,why reg_val needs to be written back to the register.  if no, in what cases they are different.