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HMC549MS8G as balun for ADL5801

Question asked by PaulvdM on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by bkamak

I am considering the use of a HMC549MS8G as a balun (instead of a transformer) on the RF port of the ADL5801.

  • The reverse isolation of the amp will suppress the -30 dBm LO signal leaking out of the RF port a bit, which would be beneficial in my application.
  • The little bit of low noise gain up front is just enough to still avoid saturation but be attractive for improving the noise figure

I am however operating in a 50 ohm system.

Are the complex S-parameters of the HMC549MS8G ports available (I would like to see it from 300 MHz- 1000 MHz), so that one can see how bad it will be or if some tuning can be done?