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Understanding on HDCP license

Question asked by Khader on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by DaveD

Hi All,


We understand that one needs to be an HDCP adopter to buy HDCP enabled Receiver HDMI parts. In this context, I do have the following questions:


1. For performing software development on HDCP capable HDMI Rx parts, does one need to be HDCP adopter? (Assume that in this case, a third party HDCP adopter has supplied the HDCP enabled HDMI Rx device to us)

        a. Does the same apply to Hardware development as well?

2. In case, we manufacture the parts through an OEM, how do they get covered? Under what conditions would AD ship HDCP enabled parts to them?


Above queries are not clear from the AD forums, expecting a clear response in this post.