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AD9838 SDZ Basic Questions

Question asked by lon1023 on Jan 12, 2016
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My lab has just purchased AD9838 SDZ and is trying to explore on this. After trying around with the component, we have 2 basic questions:


1) The frequency output will be generated to IOUTs after changing the parameters on the software. What kind of connector should we use on the IOUT (what kind of pin is IOUT?) to the oscilloscope?


2) With some research, we heard that AD9838 SDZ can work and simulate with Labview. Is it possible to provide the very basic part of the labview code so we can change the parameters around and observe the result in Labview? If we can get the basic part going, it is really useful for us to explore on the device and work on our own.


I am sorry if the questions sound too dumb. Our lab was always working with traditional / old oscilloscope and circuits. We are really new on this. Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated. thanks a lot.