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ADG1612 for Lithium Battery Management

Question asked by kenkad on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by EricC

An n-cell active charging/balancing system for n-cell series battery blocks connected in parallel is context of this discussion.  Typically EV battery systems are parallel blocks connected in series.  This does not allow for individual cells in the parallel group to be identified when errant.  By using the ADG1612 4 channel analog switches and being careful about inter module connectivity, a n-cell battery block front end PCB, connection backplane, and microcontroller managed active balancer ICs can be integrated to perform this task.  I have attached an *.docx of what such a system may look like.  I would like to find a University group that would take the concept and create a prototype for analysis as a one year special project, typical for some University EE Departments.  Thank you for looking.