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AD7730 Eval Board

Question asked by RayHenry on Jun 20, 2011
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[full disclosure] I am new to amplifiers and strain gauges.


I have an AD7730 eval board connected to a Vishay full-bridge strain gauge.


5V from power supply goes to DVDD, AVDD, Ref IN(+), and the top of the strain bridge.

GND goes to AGND, DGND, Ref IN(-), and the "bottom" of the strain bridge.


The other two taps of the full bridge go to AIN1(+) and ANIN1(-)


I am using the EVAL software Version 2.0.6 dated February 2002 (!!!!).


I cannot seem to set any of the program register parameters to show anything but FFFFFF in the "Read Display" screen of the EVAL software.


Any help, or am I way out in left field somewhere?


Thanks in advance,