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ADV7511 Project with own image processing IP-Core

Question asked by Welee on Jan 11, 2016
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I’m really new to hardware design. I have to implement an image processing system on a Xilinx zc702 due to a given task from my university.


I got the ADV7511 reference project runing and it's working well.


Now I intended to manipulate the image in the vdma with my own IP-Core doSobelHLS (a Sobel-Filter).


I've connected the M_AXIS_MM2S from vdma to my Input Stream of doSobelHLS and the output of doSobelHLS to the m_axis_mm2s of the axi_hdmi_tx.


After validating the design successfully and an init section in the SDK, unfortunately there’s nothing more than a black screen.


I have tried another IP-Core from Xilinx. But there are only white strips appearing on the screen.


Besides, I’ve also tried to connect the clock of doSobelHLS to the axi_clkgen and the FCLK_CLK0 of the PS.


Totally desperate now – I don’t know any more what else I can do or at what point I’m doing mistakes.


Can anyone please help me?




Please find the "hardware design and the init section" attached.