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ADRF6720-27 docs and gui ???

Question asked by DanMa on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by LKelly

Dear ADI support,


Probably worst datasheet/docs and GUI so far. Basically we have put an ARF6720-27 on a board and we don't succeed to make it works properly. To get out of trouble we acquired an eval board well just getting more frustrating in doing reverse engineering.


1. Is there somewhere a document that describes in which order the registers need to be programmed ?

2. Is there somewhere a document that explains how to calculate setup the different parameters like Charge pump, Dithering, ... nothing is provided or explain in the datasheet.

3. Is there a way to have the GUI starting in a controllable default mode ?

4. Why is a register 0x60 in GUI that looks no to be part of the datasheet ?

5. Where is the datasheet of Y2 for the eval board ?


Overall not a good job even schematic is wrong/buggy check microcontroller SPI to ADRF signal naming.

More to come tomorrow.