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Building of No OS driver for the Ad9361 along with Altrea SocKit

Question asked by mukeshkumar on Jan 8, 2016
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I would like to build the no os driver for my AD9361. The Ad9361 is connected to the Altera Sockit (Cyclone V). I have found the information to build the No OS driver on your website (


I would like to ask that the information given on the above referenced website is only to build the no os driver or it is also have the information to build the linux driver for ad9361.


I am only intreseted to build the no os driver. So, is it necessary to go through the following step before debugging  the no os driver on DS-5.

-Creating the Preloader and Bootloader partition

-Building the Linux Kernel image and the Devicetree

-Terasic SoCkit Jumper Configuration

-Building the Preloader and Bootloader Image


Is it possible to build the no os driver and to run it by executing the following steps:

-Firstly to build the project in DS 5 with all the source files of no-OS-2015_R2 or no-OS-master as described under Building the no-OS project using DS-5 on the above refrenced website.

-Secondly, build the hardware design file hdl_2015_r2 or hdl_master.

Then program the fpga with the .sof file that i will get from building the hardware design and at last debugging and running the ad9361 project on DS 5.


So can you please tell me that what is the correct method to build no os driver for the Ad9361?



Mukesh Kumar