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Help with AD9364

Question asked by wirelessips on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by tlili

We are trying to send and receive IQ data from the custom OFDM data through ad9361 configuration software provide for sine wave reference design in fmcomms4 board (AD9364) along with zc706, for this we are using “no os” driver with two similar board setup. First we send our baseband data via our IP to the util_dac_unpack block provided and to ad9361 interface with the reference clock (40MHz) provided in the AD9364 RF board. We are using single channel at 2400MHz RF for this purpose with 20 mhz sampling rate and 20MHz bandwidth is set to send through RF. We have removed the sine lut provided in the reference design, so only our data is being transmitted. The data communication is between two similar hardware setup of AD9364 with ZC706 EVM board.

Now the problem is that when we capture the data after the ADC in other board (acts as receiver) and plotted the constellation and it is too noisy (the distance b/w the Tx board and Rx board is not even one feet) due to this we are unable to decode the OFDM data.

Please provide us the required RF configuration for the same as early as possible.