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The SOT marker segment of ADV212 and JPEG2000

Question asked by qiufu on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by DaveD

Hello, we are planning on compressing images using ADV202/212. I had two questions:


1. According to JPEG2000 Part 1, every marker segment SOT (Start of data) contains a 4 byte unsigned integer parameter which specifies the length of the tile (or tile-part) to which the SOT belongs. That means the coding stream should contain 'FF90 000A 0000 XXXX XXXX 0001', and the codes 'XXXX XXXX' is the number of bytes encoding the corresponding tile (or tile-part).


We can obtain the right codes using Kakadu software to compress images. However, it’s always 'FF90 000A 0000 0000 0000 0001' when we use ADV202/212 chip to compress the same images.


Could you do me a favor to explain this case?



2. We have read the document named “ADV212 JPEG2000 Programming Guide”. In Table 8 (Page 43 – 46 of the document), there is a parameter named ‘STALLPAR’. The description for this parameter is so simple that we could not understand its functions.


Please to explain the functions of ‘STALLPAR’ in detail or present some other documents which explain the functions of parameters in detail.



Qiufu Li