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ADF4113HV initialized using the Initialization Latch Method

Question asked by AdrianBWeissman on Jan 7, 2016
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                We are using a ADF4113HV, and previously thought it was a ADF4113 for one product.   In reading through the data sheet for the ADF4113HV, we discovered that the initialization latch is not touched or described.  The user guide for the ADF4113HV describes how to write the Initialization latch, however the data sheet only makes a small mention of the initialization latch method.

The data sheet basically states at the end of the counter reset method, that “This sequence provides the same close alignment as the initiali-zation method.”  The only mention of the initialization latch method. Does this imply we should use the Counter reset method instead ?

                The reason we are even asking this question is, that for the past year or so we have been using the Initialization latch method for initialization on this ADF4113HV, as we thought is was an ADF4113. This initialization method seems to be robust.   However, we do see a small fallout in terms of sometimes the part does not lock correctly.   ( A few PCB's out of thousands)    We haven’t come to any conclusions yet.  However we want to make sure we are doing what you recommend.

                So, please help us determine the correct initialization method, and is it recommended to not use this Initialization latch method ?