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Troubles with fft functions of filter.h and trans.h

Question asked by fryandrew on Jun 21, 2011
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Hi everybody,


I'm using ADSP-21375 and I'm trying to make some manipulations on audio data, but I have some problems.

I want to apply fft on the first input, make some maths and then apply ifft to back in time domain. At last, I want to make a convolution with the second input. I'm not interested in real-time.


Problem using filter.h:

- I can't use convolve function with complex_float type.

- Can I write and to get the real and imaginary part of the output of the rfftN?


Problem using trans.h:

- This header does not contain a convolve function.

- Moreover, I read that rfftN and ifftN functions take the input data reversing the bit. Does it mean I have to flip the input and/or the output? This point makes me confused.


Thank you very much for your help!