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LwIP-Stack blocks

Question asked by RBorris on Jun 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2011 by RBorris

Hello Blackfin team

First, perhaps a little background about my project. I have a core program that runs with VDK. In this core, I have a loader that allowed me to load and run uClinux flat files. These are generated with the tool chain in the Eclipse environment. To debug the programs I'm just port the gdbserver. It's running well, I can set breakpoints, step, watch variables and so on.

Now to my problem with the name LwIP stack. I have limited the communication with the GDB already to one thread only. Unfortunately, the IP stack blocks (no return from select with timeout) at the end of the debugging session anyway.
Now I've seen that in the new version (1.4.0) of LwIP a lot has changed in the synchronization. Maybe that solves my problems and I ask myself it's planned to upgrade to version 1.4 in the next time.