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ADG1613 - how to handle the GND pin in mixed signal designs?

Question asked by Mr.M. on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2016 by mayp

I'm about to use the ADG1613 in a single supply audio / mixed signal design. Vss is connected to the analog ground (0V), Vdd to the analog power rail (12V in this case). There also is a virtual GND for the opamps of the circuit (6V). The digital part consists of a microcontroller with a seperated 3.3V supply.

Now I'm wondering about the GND pin of the ADG switch. Should it be handled as a return path for the logic control inputs like a "digital ground" pin on an ADC? The datasheet entry is: "Ground (0V) Reference", which sounds more like a reference point where analog and digital ground is connected.

So I'm a little confused, may be someone can help me with this question?


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