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ADI Reference Design for ZC702, AD9467_FMC and AD9739a

Question asked by T-D-R-N on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by ACozma
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I have the same Boards (ZC702, AD9467 FMC and AD9739a) like in this Thread (AD9739A-FMC-EBZ / AD9467-FMC). Based on Istvan advice to include the no-OS Software, I am trying to built the HDL File, first. Afterward I want to export it to sdk and use the no-OS Software, too.


For this purpose I have to built my own HDL File because neither the AD9467 FMC nor the AD9739a supports the carrier for the ZC702. My Idea is to built a HDL file with the ADI Reference Designs for one of the supported Carriers (like ZED) and do some changes to get them running on the ZC702. Is this possible?


Building the libraries worked fine, I also inserted the two missing library cores. But when I tried to build the project for the ZED, I stuck with these Errors, which can be find in attachment.

Can someone help me, please? And is there a better way to get the Board running?