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DVI Output of ADV7511W not working with HDMI monitor

Question asked by NanjundaM on Jan 6, 2016
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I'm using ADV7511W to output a DVI signals (TMDS Data and clock). At the edge of the board I have the DVI-D connector. I have 2 ports similar to this on my board.

When I connect the DVI output to a DVI monitor through a DVI to DVI cable the output is fine.

But one of the port when I connect it to the HDMI monitor through DVI to HDMI cable, the output is not coming(active video) and I'm getting a black screen. if I give a test pattern the output is proper on the HDMI monitor.


And one more port of similar configurations works fine with similar settings.

Can anyone help me with ideas to debug this issue.



Thanks &  Regards,

Nanjunda M