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DDS Waveform Generation

Question asked by armandavido on Jan 5, 2016
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I am working on a project in which I need a high speed, variable signal that I can run into a circuit. I need to be able to build these signals beforehand on a computer, so I would need a device on some type of demo board. It is my task to explore DDS and see what the field has to offer, so I definitely need a DDS type signal generator.


I was looking at the DDS chips, like the AD9915, but it seems that they do not come loaded on a demo board, and the eval boards are not made to output a signal. Then I looked at the signal generators like the AD9106, but it seems like they do not come with a demo board either, so there would be no way to generate the signal on a computer.


Is there any DDS product that I can look into that will accomplish this task for me?