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malfunctioned EVAL-CN0290-SDPZ(ADF4106)/SPD-S board?

Question asked by YHLien on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by rbrennan

I am currently testing an EVAL-CN0290-SDPZ(ADF4106)/SDP-S combination for RF frequency synthesizer.


As I plugged USB cable, I can see both power and status LEDs on the SDP-S board were lit. I then ran the int-N PLL software whose version was 7.7.4, chose "ADF4106" and "SDP", clicked "connect" button, and then there was a dialog said something like "SDP system was found but could not find the daughter board". Meanwhile, I also noticed the status LED of SDP-S diminished.


I tried to find the cause by tracing the SPI signal lines which can be observed on the check points T4(CLK), T5(DATA), T6(LE) on EVAL-CN0290-SDPZ. Before I clicked “connect” button in the software, the signal levels of T4, T5 and T6 were 2.64 V, 0.5 V and 0 V. After clicking the button, three 3.3 V pulses with the width 3 us showed on T6 with separation 180 us and 120 us respectively, and the signal level was then raised to 0.5 V at 2.34 ms respect to the first pulse and persisted. No pulse was observed on T4 and T5.


Do all these symptoms imply a malfunctioned SDP-S board?


PS: The int-N PLL software version was 7.7.4 and SDP driver was