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ADAU1701: Stereophaser project

Question asked by horst on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by KJBob

Hi everyone,

I'm experiencing some troubles creating a stereophaser effect for demonstration purposes at our university.

I'm still new into that DSP stuff, so I took a former thread as a basis for my project (Custom IIR block on Sigma Studio)

There were really helpful posts to get me more into this.


So I started a new project and I already have played around with the coefficients and the frequency of the oscillator to make it already sound like a phaser.
But currently I'm trying to make the phaser controllable by using the 4 AUX ADCs.
I use the Elektor ADAU1701 Board, so there are 4 pots soldered to the auxiliary ADC.
I'd like to use those pots to control parameters such as Mix, Depth, Rate and Feedback.


Currently just the mix-input is working. I can't really take notice of the inputs for rate and feedback I have done.
How is depth control different than mix? Does it just mean the amplitude of the VCO?


I have attached a screenshot of the main schematic and the SigmaDSP project below.
Hopefully someone could help me. Thank you!