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Is 16-bit lossless image compression avaliable by ADV212 @ 120 fps ?

Question asked by doner_t on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by doner_t

Hi guys,


I am thinking of using the ADV212 for my image compression work. I read datasheet , But some points are unclear for me ;

  1. Does the ADV212 support Constant Bitrate Operation ? If yes, how to arrange it ? This is for  a lossy compression
  2. It is also needed to compress the 16-bit images(320x256) at the 120 fps as lossless. ADV212 supports 120 fps ? Does ADV212 accept 16-bit input ?
  3. And the most important one, what is the lifetime of this item (ADV212  150 MHz) ? I saw that other package of ADV212- 115 MHz one is obsolote now.


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