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Question about using LVDS with ADN4612

Question asked by jblanco on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by jmarshma

I have a question regarding the ADN4612,

I am interested in using it with an LVDS signal at a rate of about 1 Gbps. There does not seem to be any information in the datasheet that would suggest there would be any wrong with this, I would just like to get verification that this could work with this part? Would there be anything wrong in AC coupling an LVDS signal to the input and tying the VTTIx pin to 1.8V to make this work?


Also, an unrelated question, for my application it will be important that the propagation delay does not vary considerably. In table 1 in the datasheet there is only a 'typical' delay cited as 520 ps, is there any range that I should expect for this specification, within one part with temperature and supply voltage?


Thank you.